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Questions about our Disney area Rentals

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Q. How far away are the Disney Theme Parks?

A. We are located in Kissimmee right off Hwy 192.  Your villa rental is only several minutes to Disney!


Q. How can I tell if your houses are available for the dates we want?

A. Either give us a call at 888-444-2939 or complete our Rental Inquiry Form.


Q. Is there a place in Kissimmee that offers Vacation Insurance?

A. Some of our rental customers have told us they've had success with the website www.insuremytrip.com


Q. Where can I go for a rental car?

A. For luxury vehicle rentals, try www.luxrentals.com  Otherwise, www.nationalcar.com because their rental cars are onsite at the airport.


Q. Can I wait and book our villa at the last minute?

A. Sometimes, but it is certainly recommended to make a reservation early. We'll work as hard as possible to accommodate your vacation request, but it's always best to reserve your villa in advance.


Q Can I book the house online?

A. You bet!  Once you've checked that the dates you request are available, simply go to our Secure Reservation Page.


Q What items are supplied for me?

A. Just about everything!  We'll supply dishes, towels and linens. Your rental accommodations are completely furnished.


Q Do you have laundry facilities?

A. Yes. You'll have a full size washer and dryer right in your house.






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