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Our Kissimmee rentals are outstanding accommodations.  But don't just take our word  for it.  Read the comments below to see what people are saying:




"We recently rented your property (Mickey's Mansion) for a quick "mini vacation rental." All I can say is WOW! It was an awesome time. The house was absolutely gorgeous and extremely well maintained. It was great for the size group I had, allowing everyone plenty of space to themselves.    The convenience of the heated pool, the hot tub, and the game room provided the finishing touches to a really great vacation rental.


Then when our flight was cancelled due to poor weather, I contacted Dave and fortunately the property was available for us to enjoy another day without the hassel of having to pick up and move to a hotel. All I can say is "Bravo!" I will definitely recommend this agency and home to many of my friends and family."


                                 Henry/Johnson Family


"We've been here for two weeks and it was amazing.  Everything was complete for our wonderful holiday. Now it's time to go back to the Netherlands. I will definitely come again to Kissimmee."


                                The Joze Family


"It felt like heaven to spend this week here with our family"

                                 The Zialonka Family 


"It was very nice to go on vacation and have such a great vacation rental to stay at.  You guys made our vacation rental more is a promise that I will recommend your villa."

                                The Morales & Canas Family


"Thanks for supplying such a lovely home for your guests.  I had a ball."


                                 The Reed Family 


"This place was surely great.  My kids enjoyed the pool very much.  The distance to Disney was great.  Kissimmee is right near everything.  My parents, my husband, my kids and I loved the house. It was so comfortable and clean.  Thank you so much for having a washing machine and dryer.  See you real soon."


                                 Sylma, Miquel & Family 


"Thanks what a lovely home.  I never wanted to leave it!"


                                 The Sprewell Family 


"I had a wonderful time here.  There was lots of swimming and air hockey, pool and movies on the big TV."


                                 The Williams Family 


"I had a great time here.  This is a nice place to stay.  The play station was a nice touch.  It's a great value for your money.  It's nice that everyone has their own room.  Your location to Disney is GREAT!  I will recommend this place to everyone."


                                The Bradfield's


"this was a GREAT vacation rental.  What a beautiful home!  It worked out perfectly for all 4 families-would definitely recommend!  I were very pleasantly surprised as well as to how close we were to all the Disney attractions, stores and places to eat.  Thanks so much for the wonderful memories!"


                               The Mosher Family


"I had a wonderful time in Kissimmee, Disney and this lovely home.  Thanks."


                                The Young's


"My husband and I loved staying here.  The location is wonderful.  We hope to be back next year."


                                The Smith's


"What a wonderful base to enjoy a fantastic holiday from.  The accommodations are superb with everyone having their own space and I all enjoyed the pool.  The facilities are excellent.  Being so close to the parks made traveling very easy.  All together everyone had a wonderful time, will definitely come again and will recommend to my friends to stay in Kissimmee."

                                The Booker's, Haney's & Davis's   



"Had a  wonderful stay.  The condo was perfect for our family of 5.  A very relaxing vacation rental."


                                 The Nelson's


"this was an awesome vacation rental.  I utilized every ounce of your beautiful house.  All kids loved having their own space and especially the NINE TV'S with cable TV (something we don't have!).  I saved tons of money eating meals in the kitchen, had competitive pool tourneys and swam for hours and hours.  The grown ups LOVED having our own rooms too!  And the HOT TUB!  We would totally come again.  We've stayed at the Kissimmee hotels and this beats them hands down.  Thank you."

                                  The Gallagher's


"Very nice place to stay.  I were extremely please with all accommodations and amenities.  Would like to try a pool house next year.  I would definitely come back."


                                  The Gozailles'

"Much better than a hotel.  Thank you for the selection of movies and complete kitchen & w/d.  The community is beautiful and off the 'tourist beat' "


                                   The Polly's


"this was a wonderful stay in your beautiful vacation rental home.  Our group filled this home with lots of love and laughter."

                                   Josh & Kathleen Shirlde


"I enjoyed our stay  very much.  The staff was friendly, the accommodations were great and I found it to be close to all Disney World attractions.  We would plan to stay  on our next Orlando visit and would certainly tell our friends about this lovely place."


                                    The Mathews Family


"Had a great time!! The accommodations were fantastic.  Hope to stay  again soon.  Thanks for everything!!"


                                    The Arters Family


"We've been on vacation rental in Orlando with our family several times.  This is one of the best experiences we've ever had as it related to our lodging.  I hope to return to this facility.  Emerald Island offered us everything that I could think of.  I were close to Church and Disney as well as being close to so many Central Florida attractions.  If God willing, I would like to come back.  God Bless."


                                    The Buscemi's


"We loved the villa!  It is so much better to stay here than in a hotel.  I will stay  again definitely.  The kids and adults loved the movies! Thanks."


                                    The Barnett's


"The stay  was wonderful.  I will never ever stay at a hotel anymore.  My kids loved it so much, they didn't want to go back home!"


                                    The Gonzalez Family


"I only stayed five nights but wish it had been five weeks.  Nice location and great accommodations.  Near everything.  I will certainly come back. Thank you."


                                    The Cioffi's


"This was much better than a motel room.  We had lots of room and no doors slamming.  We are going to recommend this to our friends.  We enjoyed the pool and the man at the gate at night was very helpful.  You could use a few more pillows but other than that it was great."


                                    The Lipari's


"Us Nelson's stayed here until April 22nd of 04.  this was a great time!  We actually will have to recover when we get home from this vacation rental."


                                   The Nelson's


"What a great vacation rental for the kids!  The accommodations were perfect for our family-each of the kids had their own rooms and love the pool, play station and movies at night.  The resort is in a great location and we loved how close it was to all the parks.  I will recommend it to all of our friends!  Thank you!"


                                   The Boddicker's


"Six of us (3 being kids) loved it here!  Perfect for children! Nice pool man."


                                  The Bannett's


"I enjoyed one week  escaping the sub-zero weather in Syracuse, New York. Would recommend to anyone-enjoyed the accommodations.  Thank you."


                                 Maher Family


"Enjoyed three beautiful days on a company sponsored trip.  Golfed, played, ate and rested.  The resort accommodations were excellent and close to everything.  Would recommend to anyone and would love to come back!!"


                                Medical Solutions 


"My husband and I stayed  and had a great time!  What a beautiful resort!  I love the accommodations and all the staff.  Thanks for a wonderful trip."





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